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Akios S-Line 757 CTM

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S-line 757 Series

The S-line 757 series reels are the big brothers to the S-line 656 series and are used for either heavy ground casting and retrieving where a powerful reel is required with larger capacity, uptide fishing or general boat fishing where TORQUE and winding power are required when pumping fish from the depths below a boat.

S-Line 757CTM

S-Line 757CTM is again a specialist larger reel which has all of the features of the 757CT above but has the additional advantage of a magnetic braking system adjustable by a chrome knobby positioned on the left hand side plate, a CT open cage for casting longer distances and has the magnetic brake as well as the centrifugal brakes to control the spool, the S-Line 757 CTM has the same large capacity and has all the same benefits as the 757CT which include, features chrome plated brass side plates, upgraded stainless steel power handle, machined brass cut gears, carbon drag system, centrifugal braking, a larger spindle to prevent flex and jamming of the spool, dual anti-reverse, corrosion resistant instant anti reverse bearing, Japanese stainless steel bearings, line out alarm, high torque winding power, but with open CT cage for long range casting.

Carbon Multi Disc Drag System for Optimal Drag Performance

Brass Anti-Corrosion Chromed Side Plates

2 Stainless Bearings in the Spool

Machined Brass Gears

Stainless Steel Power Handle

Corrosion Resistant IAR Bearing

Line Out Alarm

High Torque Winding Power

Mag/Centrifugal Brake System

Dual Anti Reverse Feature

3 Ball Bearings

Weight: 19oz

Line Capacity: 320yd / 20lb

Gear Ratio: 4.3:1

Maximum Drag: 20lb+

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