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Akios Tourno 555 MM3

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Akios are proud to announce the arrival of a new Casting reel with a new MONO MAG system giving a casting reel out of the box, giving exceptional potential to cast to the Horizon.

The new Mag system allows a longer stroke of the magnet on and off the spool enabling the magnetic field to come off the spool completely setting up an ultimate cast opportunity!

The reel comes complete with two sets of bearings; the steel bearings are fitted to the reel and the new AKIOS Ceramics will be supplied in the box. The new Tourno reels will also have a 6.3:1 retrieve.

* 3 Stainless Steel Bearings

* 2 Spare AKIOS Ceramic Bearings

* Infinite Anti-Reverse Bearing

* Dual Anti-Reverse

* Free Floating Spool for Longer Casts

* One Piece CNC Precision Engineered Cage

* Larger Spindle to prevent spool distortion

* Lightweight Aluminium Anodised Side Plates

* Multi-Disc Carbon Drag System

* Machined Brass Cut Gears

* Double Sports Handle & Micro Anodised Star Wheel

* NEW MONO MAG Adjustable Brake System

* 6.3:1 Gear Ration

* Parallel spool for better balance

* Large Knobbly Mag Adjuster

* Large Body Screws For Easy Access

Weight: 12oz

Capacity: 240yd/15lb

Gear Ratio: 6.3:1

Maximum Drag: 17.5lb

Akios TOURNO series, the ultimate high quality casting reel made from top quality

materials together with precision engineering giving casting reels that will be the envy of

the beach

Yesterday's Quality - Today's Technology

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