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Ammo Mackerel - Pack of 2

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Ammo Mackerel 2 Pack

By far the UK’s most popular and effective bait, capable of catching just about any species found around our shores 12 months of the year. Whole mackerel are popular for boat and shore fishing when large baits are needed for big fish, but the packs of fillets prove more convenient and are a time-saver when targeting smaller species like dabs, whiting and gurnards. The special oiled fillets have proved a major success in competitions when dogfish are the main target. Conger eel anglers also tell us this bait is deadly, especially for the bigger eels. Whole mackerel can be thawed, have the backbone removed, but leaving the fillets attached to the head. This is called a “flapper” bait and is excellent for taking big ling, turbot, conger, cod and rays. Alternatively, cut the tail fin off and make a cut through the body 10cms towards the head. This makes a “cone” bait which is easily taken by tope, huss and rays. Half a mackerel, including the head, is a top big bass bait and also attracts conger. A fillet of Predator mackerel can be sliced in to strips 2cms x 0.5cms for dabs, or 3cms x 1cm for whiting, gurnards, pout, dogfish, black bream and big dabs. Larger strips pick out haddock, turbot, rays and brill. Mackerel in small squares can be used to tip off worm baits to make them more attractive to a wider range of species than a plain worm bait would attract.

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