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Anyfish Anywhere Six & Bait MK2 13ft Fixed Spool

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Six & Bait fixed spool rod

Length: 13' Casting weight: 175 grams + bait

Weight: 830 grams Rings: Fuji BSVOG

This rod is available in our new and improved mk2 version at 13ft and 14ft in length.

Both rods are also available in either fixed spool or multiplier. In the simplest of terms theses rods do exactly what it says on the tin, they are the most versatile of rod on the market at their price point and that means that regardless of budget, whether it is a pennel rig loaded with crab and mussel for cod off the rocks, or a 3-hooked clipped rig for whiting and dabs off the beach, you basically stick 6oz on it and whack it!

The fixed spool version has a sliding reel seat with x wrap on the butt section. It is finished with Fuji BSVOG rings and is made in two equal sections.

As well as being an ideal rod for our most expansive range of coastline and species, the Six&bait has had a huge following across the waters; in New Zealand (NZ) where they have landed some interesting looking sharks and groupers.; in Singapore where they have caught landed and released some huge stingrays in excess of 150lb; and, of course, in the States where they have landed red drum and strippers on the open coast of the Eastern Sea Board. basically they are truly great all round rods regardless of country and ideal for the angler who wants something to catch basically everything!

This rod is the best rod at its price point in the UK and foreign waters. If you have pictures of your catches on these rods please, let’s see them!

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