Anyfish Anywhere Uptide Pro Boat Rod

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Anyfish Anywhere Uptide Pro

Length 9' 6'' (2.90m) - Casting 4 - 10oz (125gm - 300gm)

The Anyfish Anywhere Uptide Pro has been developed to meet the needs of the modern boat angler fishing from either charter boats or your own boat. It has been extensively tested in the demanding waters of the Bristol channel and proved more than a match to the strong tides and hard fighting tope, rays and hounds.

The rod loads quickly allowing you to cast well away from the boat even if your boat position gives you a restricted casting arc. The slim tip gives the perfect balance between bite indication and resistance to tidal movement. Once a fish is hooked the mid-section comes into play giving you the feel and control to fight a fish to the boat. The bottom end has some serious grunt to help you drag a big blonde up against the tide.

Finish is of the high standard you would expect and features Fuji guides, a screw winch and comfortable handle.

Weight: 423g

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