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Aqua M3 Super Wrap

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M3 Super Wrap

For supreme comfort or longer sessions the Super Wrap fits the bill, crafted from high grade Aquatexx®. featuring panoramic front vents, plus a rear vent, make for the most comfortable bivvy experience. Using a frame to extend the wrap creates an extra 60 cm (2 feet) of coverage and storage at the front of your shelter. And by twin-skinning the bivvy the effects of condensation are vastly reduced...

The M3 Super Wraps fit MKI, MKII & MKIII one man Armos. When the wrap is fitted it converts the 1 man Armo into a 2 man bivvy. Its simply a case of rolling back the sides of the bivvy and securing with the tie backs, or in the case of the M3 remove the infill, by doing this it adds an amazing 2 feet of ground space. Buying the Super wrap converts a 1 man bivvy into a 2 man bivvy. Thus saves you the expense of buying a separate 2 man bivvy.


• Aquatexx® material

• Integral pole for added stability

• Large porch area

• Rear vents

• 3 front vents

• Pegs supplied

• Heavy duty carry bag supplied

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