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Calamari Squid 1lb Box

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Calamari Squid - 1lb Box

Squid can be used whole singly for big bass, or in twos and threes for 20lb plus cod during the winter. Single squid also take rays, huss and conger. It makes a great bait for black bream and dabs cut in to 3cms x 0.5cms strips to move in the tide like a small fish, and as a tippet bait with worm and mackerel. To prepare squid for strip baits, firstly cut the head off and remove the clear coloured cartilage that forms the backbone of the squid. This simply slides out with gentle thumb and finger pressure. Now peel off the skin which comes away easily with the fingers or the back of a knife. This leaves a clear white flesh. Cut the body open down one side and lay the flesh flat for cutting. A good tip for big winter cod is to remove the head and backbone, remove the skin but leave the body cavity whole. Fill the body cavity with lug or mussel and slide the whole parcel on to the hook. Now secure with bait elastic. You can stab the bait with the point of a knife to release more scent if you prefer. This bait concentrates lots of scent in to the one bait, and has the added advantage of keeping hungry crabs at bay when they are stripping baits too quickly for fish to find it.

Supplied in a 1lb Frozen Box

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