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Gemini Glow in the Dark Breakout Heads

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System 100+ Glow In The Dark Heads And Grips (No Tail Wires)

New to the Gemini range is our Glow In The Dark products. This kit will allow you to simply remove your existing breakout heads, from your Gemini sinkers, and replace them with Glow In The Dark ones.

This kit contains 10 Glow In The Dark heads, 40 standard grips with Glow In The Dark PVC.

The ultimate way of tracing your cast at night, with an exceptionally powerful glow that will last up to 45 minutes per charge.

This product will also act as an attractant to fish in clearer waters, luring fish to the sea bed and in turn your hook bait. As shown by Team England, when they fished the World Championships in 2011.

This kit comprises of 10 glow in the dark breakout heads, 40 standard breakout grips and glow in the dark PVC.

Fully interchangeable with all Gemini System 100+ sinkers.

The glow in the dark facility is easily rechargeable with torch, flash, sunlight or similar.

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