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Guru Rive ST-D36 Seatbox

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Guru Rive ST-D36 Seatbox

With a limited number of these luxury seatboxes, designed and crafted in the perfect partnership of the fishing passion of Tackle Guru and the fishing station craftsmanship and design excellence of Rive, one of angling's leading names for design and performance, the Guru Rive Seatbox is a trend-setting, striking blend of comfort and functionality that will look great on the bank, and will help you make the most of your match fishing sessions, ensuring you don't have to risk sacrificing potential success to the demands of an uncomfortable, hard-to-use seatbox, no matter how long you're in the water.

The Guru Rive Seatbox features a deeply-padded, real leather seat which remains completely comfortable even after hours in the same position during a tense, competitive match. Handcrafted by master saddlers in Strasbourg, this is a totally unique seat cushion, and sets the Guru Rive fishing station far ahead of the competition, giving the competitive angler the edge of feeling fully relaxed for the entire length of a match session. Beneath the handcrafted saddle-leather, padded cushion, this fishing station features high-grade,non-warping marine ply, which is fully waterproof, and flexible, moving with you as you adjust your position and pressure on the seat during the course of a match session.

In designing this elite seatbox, Rive have completely re-engineered the open leg design, working to address previous issues with the style to create a durable, high-performance seatbox on which the legs can be quickly and easily swapped out, allowing you to find the perfect leg length for you and your angling needs without losing any stability or balance in the water. As well as the open leg design, the Guru Rive fishing station features an open cap system, which makes adding arms and attachments to optimise the accessibility and performance of your seatbox, and meet your individual needs and preferences during the course of even the most demanding match angling session. The legs themselves are 36mm, with 25mm telescopic inserts, crated from patented stainless steel, which allow you to easily adjust the seatbox height to optimise your match fishing perfomance, and quickly and simply adapt to all river conditions. The box itself is designed with a low profile for enhanced stability and performance, while the non-slip footplate cover allows you to safely change position, and even stand up to get that perfect cast, or accommodate a challenging play, without risk to yourself.

This match fishing station offers unrivalled stability, with strengthened drawer fronts allowing weight to be evenly balanced across all four corners of the seatbox; other seatboxes typically only allow for partial balance, which, especially during a challenging match with a lot of action in the swim, results in anglers having to compromise their performance in order to avoid unbalancing themselves and their fishing station. The drawers feature ribbed rubber handles, for improved grip in wet, cold conditions. With a simple, slide out under seat cassette, and colour-coded drawer fascias, the seatbox provides plenty of accessible, practical storage for all your bait, tackle, and valuables, so you can easily ensure that everything you need is close at hand, however far out in the swim you've set up, while the ribbed, strengthened drawer handles make this fishing station practical for use year-round, in all conditions, and the simplest, most intuitive seatbox on the market in terms of storage.

High strength, durable clips, designed for maximum stability, allow you to easily lock your auxilliary equipment firmly in place, and know that it will stay there no matter how much action your session brings you, however lively and physically impacting your play becomes. This seatbox is supplied with a spare slide out cassette and carry lid, and Rive have made their full range of seatbox accessories available to those who have an account with Guru, but not with Rive, so it's simple and easy to source additional parts for your Guru Rive fishing station.

With a wide stance, and discreet yet classy matte black finish, effected in hardwearing, waterproofed paint, which contrasts smartly with the striking personalised backplate, the special, limited edition package of the Guru Rive ST-D36 is a stylish, durable, practical departure from the more usual, sombre colours associated with the angling world. Comfier than your living room sofa, and the work of seconds to adjust to suit your precise, custom preferences and requirements, and adapt instantly to changes in the lie of the river, this fishing station is the latest, most up to date piece of specialist,competitive match angling equipment on the market. Adaptableand easy to adjust, for truly effortless fishing in any swim and in all conditions, this seatbox comes with a hardwearing,waterproof cover,designed to offer full protection during storage and transport, and to keep the backseat of a vehicle, and any equipment or clothing, completely dry, even after a full day's session at a lively swim. This cover is completely unique to the ST-D36 package, which is the culmination of years of planning, and decades of experience, knowledge, passion, and skill.

With a wealth of passionate match fishing expertise across all aspects of their business, but particularly in the areas of product development, Tackle Guru are using their natural ability to form mutuallyrewarding strategic partnerships with angling's leading brands to forge ahead in the competitive angling market, and position themselves as as the go-to name for anglers of all disciplines and levels of experience. Rive, meanwhile, have long been established as the premier brand in quality seatbox manufacture, crafting the equipment of choice for the competitive angler, and backing up their products with a full distribution system and exemplary customer service. The partnership of these two dynamic, passionate brands, both of whom have businesses rooted in a love of angling, is sure to result in a seatbox that is a must-have for the dedicated match angler. Give yourself and your skills the edge with this high-performance limited edition fishing station that combines style and substance for the ultimate professional piece of fishing equipment. Whether you're new to match angling, or a seasoned, experienced professional of many seasons' standing, if you want to stand out on the bank with the latest in seat box design and technology, it's got to be this limited edition package from Guru/Rive.

Personalised Guru/Rive back plate

Leg system of 36mm diameter legs

Low box stance for superb stability

36mm legs have 25mm telescopic inserts

Non slip footplate cover

Personalised seat box cushion

Patented HSP (High Stability Footplate)

Colour coded drawer fascias on all drawers

Brand new Dream handcrafted seat box cushion

Height adjustments to the box can be made very easily

The box frame features new hard-wearing matte paint finish

Supplied with spare under-box cassette and carry lid

New strengthened drawer fronts featuring ribbed handles

Weight is evenly distributed across all four seatbox legs

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