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Inova Bait Binder: Green Elastic (Medium)

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Bait Binder

Sometimes, small parts of our equipment can become a solid part of everyday fishing. The Bait Binder dispenser has the potential to be as essential as the fishing hook itself.

The Bait Binder has been designed for maximum comfort, for hassle free fishing. The Bait Binder dispenses bait elastic effortlessly every time to secure any bait to your fishing hook, with efficiency and ease of use. The Bait Binder is water tight which floats, and protects your elastic from water and all bait juices, and also delivers quality elastic so you can see and grip it successfully every time. A lanyard or zinger can also be attached to the Bait Binder.

To provide you with the best equipment possible for all types of fishing, the Bait Binder includes 3 new grades of elastic for different bait presentation and a more professional controlled approach to aid you in baiting your hooks.

Orange (0.1) - For delicate baits

Green (0.2) - for general bait set up

Blue (0.4) - for boat & pike fishing.

The Benefits for your customers to have the Bait Binder

1.Dispenses bait elastic effortlessly every time

2.Easy to thread in all weather conditions

3.Bait secured in any position

4.New clear top section, see existing elastic left,

5.Can be used with all baits

6.Elastic ready to grip every time

7.Elastic virtually invisible when applied

8.Improved presentation of your bait

9.Secure bait for longer cast

10.Easy removed elastic

And many more….

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