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Jarvis Walker 45 inch Fishing Umbrella

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Jarvis Walker Fishing Umbrella

For a safe haven from the wind, rain or even the blazing summer sun creating maximum comfort while fishing, the Jarvis Walker Fishing Umbrella stands up to the elements. Ideal for beach, river and lake fishing, this umbrella is made from high quality materials and is built to last through countless fishing seasons.

With a 45 inch spread when fully opened, this standard duty nylon canopy features a tilting mechanism to adjust to whatever position is needed, either completely upright or at an angle. The Jarvis Walker Fishing Umbrella has a telescopic shaft that extends to nearly a full two metres providing exceptional shelter from any unwanted weather patterns. For the angler looking for an all-day solution to combat extreme conditions, the Jarvis Walker Fishing Umbrella is the clear winner.

This great value 45 inch nylon fishing umbrella also features a tilting mechanism so that the shaft can be positioned either at an angle or fully straight. The adjustable telescopic shaft extends to 6ft 6in as required

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