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Jarvis Walker Devil Darter Spoons: 40g Silver

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Jarvis Walker Devil Darter Spoons

Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons are the personification of versatility providing anglers the one awesome lure for all kinds of fishing techniques. Backed by superb design features, these Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons are both reliable and robust and are designed for the long haul. Whether anglers want to stick to their favourite spot on the lake or go out and try their luck off of the surf, Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons will always stay at their side for the best results in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons are at the top of the game when rigged with a soft plastic trailer or live bait. The lifelike action these lures provide is sure to improve catching results. Every cast of the Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons is sure to get a bite, as the nearby fish are completely mesmerized by the flowing swimming action.

Saltwater anglers can rig these Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons with eels, squid or strips of fish.

Freshwater anglers will have the most success with soft plastic trailer like plastic worms and grubs.

Whether they are rigged with trailers or used by themselves, Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons are sure to have aggressive takes on every single cast. This economy version of the Tobi spoons performs above and beyond anything else in its price range.

Featuring incredibly strong, ultra sharp Mustad hooks, Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons offer even more value for money.

Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons are all about providing anglers extraordinary value at amazingly inexpensive prices. Built to be durable and long-lasting, these Jarvis Walker Darter Spoons are sure fly off the shelves in no time.

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