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Jarvis Walker Live Bait Bucket


Jarvis Walker Livebait Bucket

Not all buckets are created equal. When dealing with livebait, a standard pail just will not do, making bait selection difficult and making a mess of a fishing trip. Jarvis Walker Livebait Buckets stand a head taller than the rest with quality manufacture and unmatched utility to make them the best choice for any proficient angler.

The Jarvis Walker Livebait Buckets have a state-of-the-art construction that includes a draining liner to strain bait out for easy picking. With two sizes to choose from, these buckets can accommodate a short stint or a full on all-day fishing extravaganza. The bucket lid features an aerator port for connecting an air hose, keeping the bait fresh and healthy over the course of a day.

Jarvis Walker Two-Speed Deluxe Aerator

The Jarvis Walker Aerator is excellent choice for anglers who fish with live baits.

Jarvis Walker Aerators are easy to attach to any bait bucket. They have a clip design that is easy to attach and detach. Powered using a 1D or 2D battery, these Jarvis Walker Aerators are easy to use on the move. Equipped with a quality connector hose and a stone air dispenser, oxygen saturation is perfect to keep bait fresh. The Jarvis Walker Aerators can be operated on two speeds.

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