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Jarvis Walker Lure Pack - Saltwater, Hard Body or Squid

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Jarvis Walker Lure Pack with 10 Lures

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Jarvis Walker Lure Box with 10 Saltwater Lures

1 x Shockwave Flasher - Brass chrome plated lure which can be used for inshore trolling or casting from beaches and rock ledges.

2 x Stinger Lures - Blue scale finish. These lures produce a curved swimming action and can used for casting or jigging.

3 x Surf Poppers - Attach these to your paternoster rig when surf fishing. Just let the waves and the moving line provide the bobbing action which fish find irresistible.

4 x Swim Shads - These are pre-rigged and will swim perfectly from your first cast. The paddle tail provides a side to side action making them ideal for a simple retrieve from the sea bed or you can whip them up and let them sink as you retrieve loose line.

Jarvis Walker Lure Box with 10 Hard Body Lures

2 x 60mm Freshwater Minnows - When fishing in streams, rivers or lakes, these lures are ideal when targetting trout or redfin.

2 x 55mm Estuary/Bream - These lures produce a sharp swimming action and are designed with a fast tapered tail and a belly bulge that bream or estuary perch will find very desirable.

2 x Estuary/Bass - These lures work like a magnet for Bass! The proven lure design shape becomes deadly when cast to and worked around snags.

2 x Vibro Shads - These versatile lures can be used in a wide variety of fishing environments.

2 x 110mm Saltwater Minnows - These shallow running lures are great for working saltwater flats.

Jarvis Walker Lure Box with 10 Squid Jigs

3 x Pearl Belly 3.0

2 x Pearl Belly 3.5

This pack contains jigs of two sizes with squid attracting pearl belly colours for all conditions. Fitted with quality sharp hook pins and a versatile keel design which provides a perfectly balanced weight and swimming action.

3 x Lumo Belly Razorback 2.5

2 x Lumo Belly Razorback 3.5

The razorback jig doubles your chance of catching squid as it is fitted with pins located on the back which is precisely where squid always attack prawns.

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