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Kamasan B950u Uptide Hooks - Size 4/0

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Kamasan B950u Uptide Hook

Kamasan B950u Uptide Hooks are extra strong forged hooks which are finished in a corrosion resistant bronze. They are ideal for rough ground shore fishing, big fish anglers and boat angling, as well as uptime fishing. The special shape and the full barb ensures that baits such as Peeler Crab, Mussels, Worms and Fish baits are presented perfectly. These hooks are suitable for heavy ground cod, specimen bass and heavy weight rays.

Chemically etched needle points

Size 1 - 10 hooks per pack

Size 1/0 - 7 hooks per pack

Size 2/0 - 7 hooks per pack

Size 3/0 - 6 hooks per pack

Size 4/0 - 5 hooks per pack

Size 5/0 - 4 hooks per pack

Size 6/0 - 4 hooks per pack

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