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Nash Indulgence Sub-Lo Camo Low Chair

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Nash Indulgence Sub-Lo Camo Chair

Strong beyond its size

Maximises space under brollies and smaller shelters - perfect for short sessions.

Strong beyond its size thanks to the rigidity of the scissor action frame with integrated armrests the Sub-Lo's compact profile makes it perfect for short session carpers, maximising space under brollies and smaller shelters, but also popular as a day chair when session fishing. Finished with a luxury double depth mattress and the renowned hard wearing Indulgence materials and fittings.

Unique super strong scissor action frame for rigidity

Back leg and armrest formed in one section for definitive strength

Luxury padded suede and peachskin cover

New, unique Lake Legends camouflage mattress pattern

added peachskin arm covers

Critically angled legs enhance stability

Product Information

Dimensions: 53cm (width) x 45cm (height of back)

Approximate weight: 6.1 kg

Leg length extension: 26-34cm

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