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Nomura Aichi Tubular Tip Lure Rod - All Sizes


Nomura Aichi Tubular Tip Rod

This time the Nomura team has really worked overtime to produce perfection.

The need for fishing with highly sensitive rods has led to the design of this series, with a spigot joint and tube jig tip for maximum speed in the strike. The blank of the rod is made using carbon 30 T, one of the most durable yet lightweight carbons which today is used in fishing tackle.

The measures from 6ft 6in up to 8ft will allow you to fish from the boat or from the rocks, with the light jig head, or can also be used at sea when trying to catch a big fish with a long cast from the beach using big hard lures of up to 45 grams.

FUJI guides and reel seat complete the series.

MLC - Master Lure Control

Specifically conceived to enhance the efficiency of our lures. This combination of the perfect calibration of weights and design of tips and blanks will allow you to control the bait in a surprisingly accurate way, making it even more realistic and irresistable for the catch.

Master Casting Control

The specially ribbed High Modulus Carbon adopted in our range of rods makes virtually every type of casting possible, allowing control and precision never seen before.

30-T Carbon Powered Blank

Each rod has a carefully selected type of High Modulus Carbon perfectly suited for the purpose of the rod.

Saltwater Specially Equipped

These rods feature components specifically designed to withstand the stresses of Marine prey and saltwater.


Fuji Components making the rods even more durable and reliable.

Special Rawblanks

The blanks of these rods are finished in a special way to enhance both the aesthetics and the raw appeal, tackle for the real purists.

Size   C.W.  Sections Closed  Weight 
 2.44m / 8ft  5-24g  2  128cm  142g
 2.59m / 8ft 6in  8-28g  2  135cm  167g
 2.59m / 8ft 6in  10-35g  2  135cm  169g
 2.74m / 9ft  15-45g  2  143cm  175g
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