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Nomura Hiro FD High Speed Lure Spinning Reel

RRP: £79.99 Our Price: £51.99

Nomura Hiro FD Reel

Technically speaking one of the best reels on trade.

High speed 6.3:1, low friction carbon rotor, carbon frame, extra light body, aluminium spool plus extra graphite spool, 7+1 Japanese ball bearings system, one-way clutch, antitwist power line roller, oversized bail arm, advanced computer balanced rotor.The long series of outstanding features of this tool is completed by a last generation computer balanced rotor, CNC metal handle with ergonomic EVA knob.

A must-have for demanding anglers, recommended for use with braids as well.

High Speed lure reel

Front drag

7 + 1 ball bearings

Low friction carbon rotor

Carbon frame extra light body

Aluminium spool

Spare graphite spool

One way clutch

Anti twist power roller

Oversized bail arm

Advanced computer balanced rotor

CNC metal power handle

Ergonomic new EVA knob

Retrieve 6.3:1

 Size  Weight  Gear Ratio  Spare Spool Line Capacity 
 1000  230g  6.3:1  1 Graphite  235m-0.18mm/195m-0.20mm/120m-0.25mm
 2000  240g  6.3:1  1 Graphite  285m-0.18mm/230m-0.20mm/150m-0.25mm
 3000  270g  6.3:1  1 Graphite  215m-0.25mm/150m-0.30mm/110m-0.35mm
 4000  280g  6.3:1  1 Graphite  175m-0.30mm/130m-0.35mm/100m-0.40mm
 5000  387g  6.3:1  1 Graphite  195m-0.35mm/150m-0.40mm/95m-0.50mm
 6000  410g  6.3:1  1 Graphite  140m-0.45mm/140m-0.50mm/80m-0.60mm
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