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Nomura Kanji Rod: Kanji Rod 3.30m 70-130g

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Nomura Kanji Rod

The rod for fighting with prey extra-large. Powerful, eye-catching, but also light and strong. The actions of this series are designed for fishing for big pike, catfish and all the great predators of sea and freshwater.

These rods are the answer to the needs of an extreme spinning that requires appropriate action to fish with big jerkbaits, with big crankbaits, spinnerbaits and with the soft baits intended for large fish.

Very well designed and superbly finished rods, dedicated to fishing for shore fish in salt water.

MLC - Master Lure Control

Specifically conceived to enhance the efficiency of our lures. This combination of the perfect calibration of weights and design of tips and blanks will allow you to control the bait in a surprisingly accurate way, making it even more realistic and irresistable for the catch.

Master Casting Control

The specially ribbed High Modulus Carbon adopted in our range of rods makes virtually every type of casting possible, allowing control and precision never seen before.

Carbon Powered Blank

Each rod has a carefully selected type of High Modulus Carbon perfectly suited for the purpose of the rod.

Saltwater Specially Equipped

These rods feature components specifically designed to withstand the stresses of Marine prey and saltwater.

 Size  C.W. Sections  Closed   Weight
 2.40m / 8ft  30-70g  2  125cm  156g
 2.70m / 9ft  30-70g  2  140cm  166g
 3.00m / 10ft  30-70g  2  153cm  194g
 2.40m / 8ft  40-80g  2  125cm  151g
 2.70m / 9ft  40-80g  2  140cm  186g
 3.00m / 10ft  40-80g  2 153cm   210g
 2.70m / 9ft  70-130g  2  140cm  207g
 3.00m / 10ft  70-130g  2  153cm  216g
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