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Nomura Kuro FD Reel: 2000

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Nomura Kuro FD Reel

The pro angler spinning team at Nomura have called this reel simply “Kuro” which means black. The high quality components and the main gear give total smoothness of functioning and the new technology eliminates all vibrations.

Featuring 7 long life ball bearings and 1 roller bearing in the one-way clutch system, to garantee extreme fluidity and great retrieve power.

Kuro has 1 extremely light aluminium spool, and a graphite spare spool is supplied as a standard, the micrometic system produces a very powerful drag result, perfect for fishing with monofilaments or braided lines.

Available from sizes 1000 to 6000 with only front drag series, all made with ergonimic and EVA soft-touch knob.

Top precision casting control

High strength brass pinion gear

Aluminium lightened spool

Spare graphite spool

7 + 1 Japanese bearings system

One way clutch

Anti twist power roller

Oversized bail arm

Advanced computer balanced rotor

CNC metal power handle

Ergonomic knob

Size  Weight  Gear Ratio  Spare Spool  Line Capacity 
 1000  248g  5.1:1  1 Graphite  150m-0.18mm/125m-0.20mm/110m-0.25mm
 2000  250g  5.1:1  1 Graphite  240m-0.18mm/195m-0.20mm/125m-0.25mm
 3000  276g  5.1:1  1 Graphite  245m-0.25mm/170m-0.30mm/125m-0.35mm
 4000  291g  5.1:1  1 Graphite  195m-0.30mm/145m-0.35mm/110m-0.40mm
 5000  391g  5.1:1  1 Graphite  275m-0.35mm/210m-0.40mm/135m-0.50mm
 6000  403g  5.1:1  1 Graphite  195m-0.45mm/155m-0.50mm/110m-0.60mm
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