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Rovex Transparent Pike Cigar Float: 20g

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Rovex Transparent Pike Cigar Float

Rovex Transparent Pike Floats have made a name for themselves as industry leaders in Pike floats. Backed by stunning design features that perform exceptionally well in all water environments, these floats are a must in every tackle box. Anglers will just love the functionality and durability of Rovex Transparent Pike Floats.

Rovex Transparent Pike Floats are constructed from high-end, impact resistant plastics that give them longer lives. It takes a lot of banging on the side of the boat to wear these floats down. Perfectly shaped, each one casts brilliantly and floats effortlessly. With size options ranging from 20g to 35g, this line of floats has something for everyone.

Rovex Transparent Pike Floats, as the name suggests, are transparent and virtually invisible to fish. They also feature hi-viz tips for enhanced sensitivity, making bite detection a breeze. The faintest of nibbles at the longest of distances will get noticed easily when the line is rigged with a Rovex Transparent Pike Float. There is just no question of a take going undetected when these floats are in play.

When an angler is looking for a float, the primary thing they have in mind is how well it suspends the bait from the bottom. These Rovex Transparent Pike Floats are perfect for bait-presentation and remain upright with ease. Ideal for presenting deadbaits or using for float fishing, Rovex Transparent Pike Floats are at their finest while fishing for Black Bream, Eel, Pike and Zander. Also great for sea fishing for Mackerel, Pollack and Bass.

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