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Tsunami Black Rolling Swivel with Coastlock Snap: Size 10 - 15lb - 16 per pack

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Tsunami Black Rolling Swivels With Coastlock Snap

Tsunami Black Rolling Swivels with Coastlock Snap are an economical rolling swivel ideal for attaching a main line to a leader. They also reduce twist in the line, which is highly advantageous for a successful haul. These swivels can also be connected to rigging at the end of a line for a more customised wire trace setup. A secure Coastlock snap is pre-attached so lures can be changed or leader set-ups quickly.

Tsunami Black Rolling Swivels with Coastlock Snap are made of the highest grade materials. The black colour reduces light reflection, reducing swivel-attacks from toothy fish. All swivels are pre-tested in the factory with the test ratings shown on all bags. Packaged in a resealable zip lock, all Tsunami swivels will outlast and outperform their competitors.

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