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Tsunami Cut Throat Tazer Swim Bait Lure: Pearl: 4 inch

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Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers

Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers are a leading line of pre-rigged soft plastic lures that are designed to give anglers the ultimate leg-up on catching the biggest fish with ease. Everything about these lures is just a testament to the brilliance of Tsunami. From the tazer-like shape that provides amazing action on all types of water bodies, to the stunning features that make them irresistible to most fish - Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers are pure unadulterated class.

Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers are unlike any other soft-plastic lure in the market. The amount of detail put into their design and the intricate craftsmanship on display just raises their effectiveness to levels previously unheard of. Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers are all about mimicking real-fish with such perfection that no predator fish can hold back from taking a bite. A dream lure for every angler, these Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers will improve catching rates with ease.

The body of the Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers has been ideally shaped for superior swimming action. This effect is enhanced due to the presence of a fluorescent tail that produces an outstanding wriggle. Anglers will enjoy the lures versatility and results no matter what style of retrieve is used.

If all of these qualities are not enough to make Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers hot sellers in the market, then maybe this will - Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers feature the mind-blowing, revolutionary holographic tape that gives the appearance of a bleeding fish in the water. Every predator within viewing distance will be giving it their all to get a bite of a Tsunami Cut Throat Tazer. The 3D red eyes are the icing on top. There are bound to be an abundance of aggressive takes when these tazers are in play.

Tsunami Cut Throat Tazers are available in three classic fish-attracting colour patterns in two different sizes. They are just what an angler needs to really drive fish wild.

Tazer shaped, Soft plastic lures

Fluorescent tails

3D red eyes

Holographic tape to simulate bleeding fish

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