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Tsunami Pop Up Floating Beads: 8mm

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Tsunami Pop Up beads

Tsunami Pop Up Beads have attractive red spots and a glowing body for a unique addition to any angler’s trace setup. The addition of beads to a lure or as part of the terminal construction is a great way of adding some attention-getting noise and visual attractiveness to a rig. There are many ways to make bead rigs, from the standard bead pegged above a hook to the tricky sliding rig. Many fish are naturally curious and may be attracted to the clacking sound and intriguing sight of Tsunami Pop Up Beads. In addition to the noise factor, the flash of a pop up bead in the water can be a strong attractor to cruising fish.

In addition to being attractive, Tsunami Pop Up Beads protect knots from the sharp edges of lead weights. When a lead weight slides down a line and touches any knot connections, the weight's edges can be sharp and cut the knot. These beads also add colour to a rig, mimicking other fish’s eggs, gill rakers or eyes, just what a predator fish is out on the prowl for.

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