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Tsunami Pro Slimwave 56g Jig Lure

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Tsunami Pro Slimwave 56g Jig Lure

Tsunami Slimwave Lures have made a name for themselves by providing anglers superior results over the long run. Anglers have been using these remarkable lures for years and have caught numerous fish with them. Designed for the ultimate casting experience, the Tsunami Slimwave Lures’ action on the retrieve is something else entirely. Anglers just love everything about the sleek looking jigs.

Tsunami Slimwave Lures are metal jigs made from hard chromed solid brass that have been designed to fly through the air with effortless precision for the longest casts possible. Their presentation in the water and their action on the retrieve is just irresistible to fish. The amazing chrome finish along with waterproof holographic prism tape just adds to the attraction. It won’t be long after a cast that anglers will have all the nearby fish chomping at the bit. Tsunami Slimwave Lures are just that good.

Anglers who love high-speed spinning will also love the Tsunami Slimwave Lures. Great for horizontal casts or vertical jigging, Tsunami Slimwave Lures will always perform. As versatile as anything else in the same price range, Tsunami Slimwave Lures can be used to catch Pollock, Mack, Kingfish, Tailor, Tuna and many other target species. Equipped with sharp and durable Mustad hooks, no fish no matter how stubborn struggles to get away once hooked.

Tsunami Slimwave Lures come in three weight classes with the eye-catching Silver finish. Fitted with strong, stainless split rings and HD swivels, these lures to withstand any amount of force that a fish can exert on it without getting loose.

Key Features

Hard chromed solid brass

Holographic prism tape

Mustad hooks

Stainless steel split rings

HD swivels

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