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Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks: 2/0

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Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks

Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks have been designed with special emphasis on enhancing the swimming action of bait. These hooks are designed for rigging with soft plastic baits like worms and grub, and provide holding power that is unparalleled in the industry. Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks allow anglers to rig up their bait in a weedless style, giving them amazing reliability while being cast or jigged.

When it comes to fishing in weedy waters, it is imperative that anglers use hooks that can stand up to the challenge of avoiding getting snagged. These Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks can be rigged in a such a way that reduces the chances of snagging, while ensuring that anglers make their catch. The sharp ends of the Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks will settle neatly on the soft plastic bait’s surface without sticking out and snagging in weed or kelp, while efficiently hooking onto fish as soon as it takes the bait. Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks really are a standard of state-of-the-art design and functionality at its finest.

Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks have round bent hooks made from black nickel that ensure that the bait is held on tightly while having eye-catching swimming action in the water. In this day and age, when fishing with soft plastics has become a norm, the Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks are designed to provide anglers unmatched efficiency and performance while fishing with their favourite baits.

Great for targeting small species like the Smallmouth Bass or Northern Pike as well as the larger prey like Muskies, these Tsunami Soft Plastics Hooks are an exemplary choice for the perfect terminal tackle.

5 hooks per pack

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