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Ultima Powerflex Shock Leader Fishing Line


Ultima Powerflex Shock Leader

Powerflex® has been engineered with very low stretch, allowing more power direct to the lead during the compression stage of the cast and launching your lead to achieve vital extra yards. With Powerflex®, knots bed down exceptionally well, helping it cast smoothly and reducing weed pickup on retrieval. Powerflex® is the first choice shockleader for many of the world's best international anglers and has dominated world championship events for the past fifteen years. Powerflex® is extremely strong with a very high knot strength, making it possibly the safest, most reliable shock leader available.

High Power

Low Stretch

World Class

Designed with a very low stretch factor to deliver more power to the lead during compression, Powerflex® therefore helps produce significantly longer casting distances.

Powerflex® is soft and supple and makes small neat knots that cast well and reduce weed pickup on retrieval.

This remarkable shock leader has been used to win all the major international shore fishing championships. On the tournament field it has also been outstanding and in 2013 alone Powerflex® was used to break two World Casting Records and win three World Championship events.

The ultimate shockleader.

Colours: Crystal, Fire Orange

Range: 40lb to 80lb

Spool Size: 50m, 100m Bangles, 4oz and ½Kg

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