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Vass-Tex 350 Team Vass Heavy Duty Bib & Brace Navy


Vass-Tex 350 Team Vass Heavy Duty Bib & Brace Navy

What are ‘TEAM VASS’ editions?

Many of you are probably aware that Vass are proud to be heavily involved with many of the National and International Fishing Teams over the years. Not only has it given Vass the opportunity to support these teams but it has also helped develop and hone the Vass ranges further. The Vass range is constantly developing to cope with the extreme conditions that the Teams face during intense competitions at home and abroad.

Inspired by the success of working with these top ‘Teams’ Vass launched the ‘TEAM VASS’ editions in many products which offer visual and technical advantages over standard models to meet the high demands of competition fishing.

The Heavy Duty Vass-Tex 350 ‘TEAM VASS’ Edition Bib & Brace

Developed incorporating the Tough Vass-Tex 350 material, this ‘TEAM VASS’ edition Bib & Brace compliments the ‘TEAM VASS’ Royal/Navy Smock. The design on these Bib & brace trousers has been kept simple to keep weight to a minimum making it surprisingly lightweight and compact for a Heavy Duty garment. The addition of the Vass Reflective print on the leg improves safety when fishing at night.

General information

The Heavy Duty One! Many fishermen (particularly sea) experience heavy rains and winds during fishing and found that their current waterproofs aren’t quite as waterproof as they expected. This is one of the reasons Vass developed the Vass-Tex 350 range to ensure our wearers are protected from the rain, wind and extreme water sprays.

It’s Heavy Duty yet unusually Flexible & Tough however remarkably stretchy (up to 15%) to ensure comfort without restriction. Vass purposely haven’t used a winter lining in this smock so it can be used through the winter or summer leaving you the choice of layering underneath.

Could this be the most Waterproof Bibs in their class?

Extremely Waterproof and Heavy duty Vass-Tex 350 material

Reflective print on leg

Ultra waterproof and windproof

‘Ultra stretch’ for extra comfort

Machine washable

Dirt resistant

Good tear resistance and easy repair!

As with most Vass products, the Vass waterproof finish ‘Does Not’ need reproofing to stay waterproof!

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